Monday, January 10, 2011

We Got Weather.

This is a common phrase in Ohio.  It baffled me a little at first.  Weather?  Everyplace has weather.  In fact you don't have it.  It just is!  But when they say it here, it never means anything good.  To say, "There's going to be weather this afternoon."  means there is going to be a tornado/blizzard/wind storm/pouring rain/flooding.  And all of those will cause our power to go out.  I didn't know it was possible to lose power as often as we lose power.  We live in well established suburbs of a well established city.  But the wind blows and we lose power.  Maybe that's why so many Amish people settled here.  We're all pretty good without electricity around here...

Anyway.  I just found these pictures from a summer afternoon this past August at our town's swim club.  We love it there.   Tonight there is weather in the forecast.  (This time weather means snow.)  These pictures make me happy to look upon to remember warmth and summer and a lazy afternoon with my kids in which I didn't have to pick up after them.
Benjamin learning to dive off the board.  He is finally doing much better off the block, but the diving board seems much further away from the water.

This one is probably going to hurt.

And this one.

But the splash isn't too bad.

Lilyanna doesn't mind Benjamin learning to dive.  It means she gets to sit longer in the grass and eat bugs.  Mmm...bugs.

All done with the bugs.  The thumb isn't so crunchy.

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