Friday, January 7, 2011

More Conversation

Nathaniel:  Lilyanna's bum smells like gingerbread.

[She had just been sitting on a squished piece of gingerbread, so this comment wasn't quite as bizarre as it sounds.]

Me:  Why are you smelling her bum?

Nathaniel:  I wondered what a girl's bum smelled like. [I do find it humorous that the answer here happened to actually be "like sugar and spice and everything nice"]

Me:  I wouldn't mention that to any other girls if I were you.

Nathaniel:  Yeah.  They'd probably strangle me.

Good to know he's figuring these things out.


J K P K said...

The sugar and spice thought made my decaf coffee come up my nose. Thanks for the laugh, it was not a happy day in almost 4 year old land.

Emilia said...

glad we could help, jeanne k!! hope life in 3 year old land gets better. (if it's any consolation, 3 was the hardest age with all of my boys.)