Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Quick Tour of Salt Lake City

This is the fountain on the roof of the conference center, it continues on all the way down the building.  Salt Lake Temple in the background.
Last year, Caleb insisted that he wanted to go on vacation to Salt Lake City.  Todd and I kept saying things like, "Are you sure??"  and "Why?"   We did not ever say, "But, Caleb, there are too many damn Mormons in Utah!"  Because we try to be decent parents.  And besides, Salt Lake isn't so bad. ( Provo is a different story entirely...)

When we were out west visiting family and dropping off kids at various camps at BYU, we took a day to go visit SLC and see some of the sights.
This is also found on the roof of the conference center.  What look like photographs are actually images sand blasted into marble.  It was amazing to see and touch.

Caleb appreciating Temple Square.

I think I take this same picture every time I go to Salt Lake.

Benjamin before he and Todd almost passed out/threw up from heat exhaustion.  We Smiths know how to have a GOOD TIME!


Beth said...

You know that with attitudes like that Caleb will not only go to BYU, but he will have the time of his life, marry a nice Utah girl, and move to South Jordan.

Emilia said...

Can you picture Caleb in So. Jordan? Utah's not ready for him...

but if he does marry a utah girl, that's probably the right amount of space to have between me and my daughter in law. ;)

ricracsally said...

I've been there!! My grandma took me when I was young (we went everywhere, since she pretty much raised me and she had the get-up-and-go disease, so I went too by default), granted I didn't get to go IN the temple, but it was pretty awesome to look at. :) Dena