Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

This is actually from the dress rehearsal, which is the only time I'm allowed to record.

This first one is from his tap class.  For some reason the entire thing is blurry, but Benjamin is the only boy in the class, so it shouldn't be too hard to follow.

Next is from his hip-hop class. Which is just funny to me. Five skinny white boys doing hip-hop. He loves it, though, and has been accepted into the jr hip-hop dance company at his studio, so he's really excited! They danced to "Ice Ice Baby" which I hated when it first came out. The fact that I've had to listen to it A LOT for the last six months has done nothing to improve my opinion of the song, but Benjamin loves it. Benjamin is the tallest one, mostly in the middle.

This was their exit for their dance. I just include it because I love the little thug boys on stage with the ballerinas!


Trish said...

I loved it. I needed a little Vanilla Ice today. Something that has no meaning whatsoever and reminds me of simpler times. Thx for sharing.

Jen said...

Benjamin looks good as a cowboy, with his tall skinny frame. The vanilla ice video made me laugh so hard. If five skinny white boys are gonna be doing hip hop, "Ice Ice Baby" is the song to do it to.

Carrie Nation said...

Way fun!

Linnea said...