Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black and White Cookies

The problem with living in basically one place for nearly 30 years is that I wasn't really aware that the foods I grew up enjoying were regional and not national. I've explained before the culture shock (for food) I experienced when I moved to Ohio. But Black and White cookies were something I didn't even realize I couldn't get here. (I have actually found them at a pizza place in Pickerington, but it's owned by people from Pittsburg and so is just slightly off on both pizza and black and white cookies.) Some friends of ours mentioned them a couple of years ago when they were talking about a trip they took to New York City, and it was like waking up. I looked around and realized I'd not seen a black and white cookie in Ohio.

Anyway, one of these same friends mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he was travelling to NYC and asked if I needed anything while he was there. Nobody ever wants to bring me back a pizza. Believe me, I've asked everyone. So, since he was going to be in Times Square anyway, I asked him to go Here:
And to bring me 7 of these:
And he did.

And the Smith family loves him for it.

Thanks, Eldon!


Trish said...

My pleasure Emilia! I'll be back there May 6-8 - perhaps 7 more? I'm willing to try but I'm not sure I could manage a pizza. I had forgotten how tasty the cookies are. We should just learn how to make them! I'll start this weekend.

Emilia said...

I'm all for trying!

But you know there's coffee in the frosting, right? Maybe if we just used a really dark chocolate we could replicate it. (Todd also suggested we learn how to make them, but frankly, I'm not sure I'd ever stop eating them if I had such easy access!!)

Valerie said...

"Look to the cookie!"

Jenn said...

I have to admit, living in NJ my whole life, I don't remember even ever having one... is that bad? I looked up online a recipe the other day, apparently Duff has a recipe on the Food Network site, but it has many mixed reviews, so I didn't even bother to send it to you. But if you're feeling adventurous, you might want to try it. Just watch the video first, apparently there are steps in there that are left out of the written recipe. Good luck... and if you ever want me to send you some, you just let me know!