Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rules for Interrupting Mom in the Shower

Shower time is sacred time as far as I'm concerned. With a new baby who I've been told by her doctor to "feed whenever she wants to eat", showers are hard to get. She wants to eat all the time. There's also the whole not sleeping thing. And needing to eat. The shower falls last on the list every time. So, when I finally get one it makes me VERY unhappy to be interrupted by children. Especially older children.

With this in mind, I've assembled some guidelines for when it is okay to interrupt Mom in the shower.

1. Blood. If anyone is bleeding in a way that can't be stopped by a band-aid, you may knock on the door.

2. Animal bites. (they don't always draw blood.) It must be a wild or rabid animal, though. All other animal bites can wait until after. Unless rule 1 applies.

3. If Publisher's Clearing House is standing at the front door with a check for me, you may knock on the door.

4. If one of my crushes is standing at the front door, you may knock on the door. You may even jimmy the lock on the door.

5. If Dad somehow gets himself arrested and uses his one phone call to call me while I'm in the shower, I will come to the phone. And then I will deal with him later.


Jennifer Cox said...

LOL!! Same rules should apply when you are going to the bathroom too. Privacy just needs to be respected.

Beth said...


Becca "Gatermom" said...

I may have to borrow these rules!
Too funny!

Anne Marie said...

Ha! Love these rules, friend. Hope you can get at least a few minutes to yourself today, Emilia. Have I ever told you that I became positively European in my bathing habits after I had the twins? Yup. You don't even want to know how many days would go by between showers. Sending you a big, fat hug. Those newborn days are incredibly magical and incredibly draining. Hope you don't have the same problem I do after a baby...the postpartum profanity problem. I shocked my husband many times with what came out of my mouth.

Emilia said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am totally in love with the very idea of post partum profanity. I wish I'd known about that sooner!! ;) At the moment, I'm averaging one shower every 4 days. I prefer one every two. Oh, well. I am enjoying these newborn days knowing they will be the last time I experience them first hand.