Monday, March 22, 2010

Lilyanna's Blessing

We blessed Lilyanna when she was one month old. Todd gave the blessing and was joined in the circle by both our dads and our Bishop. (I love how in the picture above, the lion is prominently featured between Todd and the Bishop.)

Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw and Aunt Elysa picked out the pretty blessing dress.

She was perfectly behaved through the whole thing and didn't cry at all. (Nor did she spit up or wet the men holding her during her blessing. This is a first for our kids.) She did try to spit out her pacifier, but luckily the Bishop was quick of hand and eye, and caught it midair and got back in her mouth. Impressive.

Among other things, Lilyanna was blessed with the knowledge that her family loves her. And the ability to find joy and laugh through the trials of life.

It was wonderful to have so many family members able to join us for the experience. Both sets of Grandparents and three aunts, an uncle and a cousin all made the journey into town. Good times and happy memories.


Walker Family Buckeyes said...

She is getting so big! And she is a beauty! I noticed the lion too! Way funny!!

Anne Marie said...

Such a darling girl! So happy that you had so many family members join you. Wonderful to see a pic of your dad.