Friday, October 9, 2009

Cleaning. Again.

Okay, remember last year when I decided to clean my house? No? Yeah. It's kind of vague for me, too.

I just realized that I'm having a baby in not very many weeks. It is time to tackle all of the big scary projects that I didn't get to last time.

Like burning all of the old financial records. I could shred them, but I'm pretty sure I would burn out several motors with all the papers that I need to shred. Besides. Fires are fun, right?

Starting on Monday (because why start today what you can put off until after the weekend?) I will be thoroughly cleaning one room and doing one project per day.

This is assuming that I don't have any gall bladder attacks, or end up in the hospital, or have any children come down with H1N1 or whooping cough. All of which are at this point statistical likelihoods.

At least life is never dull.

Plan for Monday:
-clean a bathroom. Any bathroom will do. Hands and knees type of cleaning, not the swish a brush and swipe a clorox wipe type I've been doing since I got pregnant.

-show that wrapping paper who is boss. I will make you fit back into that container, wrapping paper!!! I will!


Jen said...

"hands and knees type of cleaning"?? Seriously?! Couldn't you maybe wait until that's not the most miserable thing for you to do in the world given your current condition? :) Good luck.

Emilia said...

eh. hands and knees cleaning is ALWAYS the most miserable type in the world. Condition or no. Besides, I'm way smaller than I've ever been when this far along, so it's not so bad. One of the advantages of chronically losing weight during a pregnancy.

jenbahrens said...

Hi Emilia! Anne Marie told me about your blog--it makes me laugh regularly now.