Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday!

It's kind of funny when the first birthday your kid spends with you is his 17th, but we're okay with doing things slightly less than conventionally around here.

17 things I really like about Warren:

1. His genuine laughter.
2. His beautiful green eyes.
3. His desire to be a better person.
4. The dedication he puts into acting.
5. His spiritual intuitiveness.
6. His willingness to face and deal with his awful past.
7. His rosy cheeks.
8. His love of history.
9. That despite the fact that someone ruined the concept of Mom and Dad for him, he's willing to try again with Todd and me.
10. That he's learning how to be a friend in a way he's never had to before.
11. He's quick to recognize when he's wrong, and quick to apologize.
12. He's learned that he can be a very successful student.
13. and is learning how to apply that knowledge.
14. He loves the scriptures.
15. He tries.
16. He can be very sweet.
17. His love of music.

Happy Birthday, Warren!

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Jen said...

He looks super excited about that cake. :) Happy birthday warren!