Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cub Scout Camp

The three younger boys and I spent this last week at Cub Scout Camp. It was absolutely fabulous! Both Benjamin and Nathaniel completed nearly all of their scouting requirements for the coming year and earned several belt loops, as well. More importantly, they had a great time!

I was on staff as the badminton instructor, because, you know, I'm the most amazing pro at badminton.

Oh. Wait. (Yeah, actually, last time I played badminton, I'm pretty sure I still had a perm and a scrunchy in my hair to go with my acid wash jeans. Oh, and I believe that we added a tackle component to the game. Shockingly, that's not in the official rules.)

So, yes, I looked up how to play it the night before I had to teach it, and then spent the next four days teaching six classes a day. I saw and yelled at over 500 scouts during the week.

Caleb got to hang out with other younger siblings, which basically meant that he got to do all the coolest stuff AND sit around and eat staff food all day.

And let me tell you, if you are thinking that I was a little crazy for being on staff while pregnant, two words. Staff Bathroom. All the other parents had to use the same bathrooms as all 520 scouts. It was totally worth the extra responsibility.

Benjamin and his den performing a skit.
Nathaniel patiently waiting for their turn to sing a song at the campfire program.

Caleb. Chilling with the staff and actually paying attention to the 24 skits and songs performed that evening.

In case you were wondering what 520 cub scouts look like.

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