Monday, June 8, 2009

Caleb's Birthday Party

Caleb wanted a cake that showed the battle on Mustafar for his birthday. He's never seen that movie, btw, but still knew that there is a big planet on a planet with lava and that Annekin catches on fire and turns into Darth Vadar.

So this is what I whipped together the day of the party. I totally stole the idea from some creative Dad who was nice enough to post all of his cake making tips online.

I will say that after going through no little trouble in making the scene, I was a little annoyed when Caleb wanted to put characters in it who weren't even there. I even went so far as to show him the scene on youtube, but he would not be convinced and insisted on sticking all sorts of characters who didn't belong on Mustafar.

My favorite is the storm trooper head down in lava. That's my creepy kid.

And another one practicing the back stroke in the lava.

Cute boys!

MMMM. Creepy lava cake!!


Anne Marie said...

That cake is too awesome!

Emilia said...

As I said, I completely stole someone else's idea. I thoroughly appreciate the wildly creative people out there who are willing to post directions of their wild creativity.