Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vampires and Fairies

Some of you may remember the trauma of last summer when Benjamin lost a tooth in a hotel room and it ended up going down the drain. And the only way we could cheer him up was to tell him about the tooth fairy who looked exactly like Uncle Chris Ian, except in a tutu, which really wasn't too difficult for anyone to imagine. But it sufficiently cheered up our boys enough that they could sleep that night. Nathaniel recently managed to get rid of his two front teeth, causing him to look Vampire-ish. One of them, while eating lunch was inadvertantly swallowed along with his bagle and cream cheese. We sent an emergency text to Uncle Chris Ian who was performing out in California that week. Uncle Chris Ian immediately replied back with this picture:
Seriously. Only Chris Ian would have a sparkly magic wand on hand for emergencies.

Nathaniel felt better and was gratified when he found a dollar coin under his pillow, which he noted he only ever saw at the ticket machines in the NYC subway system. And Uncle Chris Ian works in NYC...

It was all beginning to all make sense to him. Until he saw Todd sneaking in the next night to leave a coin for the next tooth. We reminded him, though, that Uncle Chris Ian was doing a play in CA that week, though, so he needed a substitute fairy to fill in for him. Todd doesn't look as good in a tutu, but under the circumstances he was the right man for the job.

Love love love those boys!


Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

When Adam loses his first tooth, I want you to send over the man of your choice in a pink tutu to do the honors. I would love to meet Chris Ian, but I think I like the visual of Todd in a tutu a lot!

Beth said...

Too fabulous! We have never been caught, but have many times forgotten for several days. I have come up with some amazing excuses. I could use a Chris Ian.