Monday, May 11, 2009

Musical Monday

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Oh, how I loved this musical when I was a girl. Except for that poor girl named Dorcus. What were her parents thinking? There are plenty of fine upstanding biblical names that just shouldn't be used any more.

Anyway, does anybody remember that one episode of Fame where the blonde kid (who does the ax thing in the barn raising scene and who was also in West Side Story) was all grown up and fat but comes to the high school to talk to the kids and they're all really disappointed that he's all old and fat and bitter, but he still at the end manages to do the ax thing just like at the barn raising scene of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?!


Just me then?


Here is "Lonesome Polecat". With Italian subtitles. Those two boys in the back, must be cutting some hard wood. That's a lot of chops with no results. 'Course they look real pretty when they do ballet.


Anonymous said...

i went to high school with a girl named Dorcas. naturally, her nickname was Dork. but in a good way! we all loved her to pieces - especially the boys - she was tall and blonde and willow-y and definitely america's next top model material.

a gorgeous woman named Dork.

who'da thunk it?

Emilia said...

N-I've decided that you know the most interesting named assortment of people.

Anne Marie said...

Dorcas in Seven Brides did have a horrible name, but you've got to admit that she was definitely the babe of the brides, so at least she had that. What man is going to worry too much about a girl's name? That is definitely one of my favorite musicals, although Jared can't stand watching it...too many male chauvinists in it for his liking. Oh, and happy (belated) Mother's Day to you, friend!

Valerie said...

Brings back memories of me and my sisters dancing the barn dance in our living room. Too bad we had no guys to do it with us.