Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Yesterday, Caleb turned five years old!! It is difficult to believe that it was five years ago yesterday I was giving birth to a "little" guy who weighed in at 9 lbs. and 5 oz. and was 22 inches long. And he had blue eyes and blonde hair. When we first got married, I told Todd we had to keep having kids until one of them inherited my blue eyes. It was the only physical characteristic I wanted to pass on. I'm not sure we'd even named Caleb before we said, "Oh, good! He has blue eyes! We can be done now!" The nurses were a little shocked at such a statement.

Caleb was such a good baby right from the beginning, but needed interaction and conversation. He was about three weeks old when I couldn't figure out why he was being fussy, and Todd took him, put him on his lap and started talking to him. Caleb was immediately happy.

Caleb was my first baby who fell asleep all by himself if I put him down. I wept for joy. After that first year of ease, he let us know what he was really all about. And life has been far more exciting ever since.

My current five favorite things about Caleb are:

1. I love that Caleb is so very much himself. He does not feel the need to succumb to any sort of peer pressure on anything. (Granted, he is probably the one leading your kids astray.)

2. Caleb gives the best hugs ever. Yesterday, I walked downstairs and he said, "Mom, don't you want to give me my birthday hug now?!"

3. Caleb is sneaky and sly and fond of all the bad guys, but he is very sweet and sensitive underneath his creepy exterior.

4. Caleb has a constant soundtrack. I don't usually have to look in on him while he's playing. I can just listen to his singing and humming to know what new game he's moved on to.

5. I love that Caleb likes having shaggy, long, blond hair. I love that he whips it around in a "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" way every time he gets out of the water. And I love that when talking to me, he cocks his head to one side to peek out from under his bangs.

We are so happy that Caleb is a part of our family.

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Anne Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your cute guy! I'm glad that I got to meet him, although I think he was only 13 months or so when I did. Hard to believe that four years has passed since seeing you. Sounds like quite a character!