Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Poor Todd"

A recent conversation with Mark in which it was revealed that a mutual acquaintance has a piercing in a rather personal place:

me: Does he like it? Because it doesn't look at all comfortable, but I noticed so many guys in San Francisco had it.

Mark: How did you notice THAT?!

me: Oh. I was on a nude beach.

Mark: Were you nude?!

me: of course not. It's chilly in San Francisco. It seems like a very silly place to have a nude beach.

Mark: What were you doing at a nude beach in the first place?!

Me: It has the best view of the bridge.

Mark: Poor Todd.

me: Why poor Todd?

Mark: You're kind of a lot to handle sometimes.

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ennbee said...

LOL! too cute! LOVE it! :)