Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pieces of Eternity

I always knew you would come
I guess I just wasn’t expecting it
So soon.
And though I wasn’t expecting
A white stallion
And a castle in the clouds,
Maybe I was expecting a little armor.
It’s odd how quietly you came—No fanfare,
No fireworks,
No dramatic revelation;
I just turned around one day
And there you were,
Where you’d always been.
Your hand fit quietly in my hand,
And your life quietly filled a void in my life.
It seems odd;
I have always looked at eternity
As some vast and distant goal,
But now I find
That bits and pieces of eternity
Are settling quietly
All around me.

-Dayle King Searle

This poem appeared in a magazine in 1991 and I thought it was wonderful. I'm sure I thought about Todd while reading it. I even used it in a presentation my senior year of High School. Everyone in the class was paired into couples and we had to plan a wedding. I included it as one of the readings. The football player/dressed all in black/played in a band/totally didn't care about the project/and barely spoke guy that was my partner found out how much it cost to rent a tuxedo. I planned every thing else. Menu, readings, music, service, travel, guest list, invitations, cake, dress (I even included a dress pattern and a sample of the material it would be made from).

When I was married 4 years later, I used absolutely none of it. In fact I didn't care. I just wanted to be married, not get married. Which makes me think that my senior year health class husband had the right idea.

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ennbee said...

what a sweet story. :)