Monday, April 13, 2009

Musical Monday

Those hot dog on a stick hats remind me of all the hours of my middle school years I wasted at the mall.

I might have spent more hours there, though, if something like this had happened.

To read more about the people behind it click here.

(Incidentally, some victims of this group Improv Everywhere stayed with us in Ohio when their band was on tour. You can read Improv Everywhere's side of things here and the band's version as the explained it to Ira Glass if you watch the first TV version of This American Life on Showtime.)


Ni Hao Ma said...

my roommates and i almost died laughing ( fell off the bed).

Ni Hao Ma said...

oh this is arwyn...just in case you don't know chinese.

Emilia said...

I do actually know Ni Hao Ma, but I have enough other people in my life who say it that it did take me a few weeks after the first time you posted to figure out it was you.

I think you and your roommates should perform it for your students and tell them they can't pass English class unless they can correctly sing, "Can I get a napkin, please!"