Sunday, April 5, 2009

Everyday Poetry

My friend, Katey, and I do interval training at the rec center once a week. Having the chance to combine chatting with Katey with exercise is great. Even if every week I swear it's waaaay harder than last week.

Katey has been sending me emails about our runs in poetry form. I just wanted to share how relatively easy it is to slip poetry into your every day life.

The first one:


Friday at ten
We will walk run and then
I'll rub down my bunion
You'll upchuck fried onion
Just don't play hookie
Cause I ate Girl Scout cookie


The next one:


This Thursday at 1
I am in a meeting fun
and therefore can't run pun
But this Friday I'm free
10 o'clock works for me
I'll beat'll see
and I'll do it with glee

Most recently:

Emilia my friend,
Workouts I must suspend
Spring break is afoot,
So my schedule's caput
We'll resume in a fortnight,
That should be about right
Until then I vow
Not to eat like a cow


Anonymous said...

fun! :)

i like the concept of everyday poetry. although i have never thought of the poetry that i write as "everyday," in a way, i guess it is.

i like that. everyday poetry.

it's almost a poem all in itself.

Beth said...

Fabulous. She is so cute. Happy Spring Break!!

Anne Marie said...

I'm catching up on blogs today. I can't believe I missed reading your letter on April Fool's Day. That's become my favorite part of the day. Fun to catch up with news of your family. Very happy about Jake coming into your family! I'm impressed by these everyday poems.

Katey said...

Dear Emilia,
So does this mean that I can now consider myself kind of published in a blog sort of way???
Wait! How many followers do you have? Maybe I am now too famous to safely work out at our Community Center with you.
Yes, now that you have exposed my greatness to the world I think you'll need to provide body guards for me... and Sparkling Water...and expensive designer sunglasses.
Oh sigh, such is the price of fame!
Love, Katey

Emilia said...

Katey The Famous-

As soon as the sponsors for my blog show up, I promise to send the swag your way.

Missing you and our running, btw. I made poor Benjamin walke two miles with me yesterday.

Hope Ohio is fun right now even though we're not there!