Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I know that there is no possible excuse I can come up with for how this would be at all necessary in my life. But I want it.

A lot.

C'mon!!!  Doctor Who finger puppets?!?!?!

They might help me be quieter during Sacrament Meeting. 

Except for the Dalek one.  But all the rest would be fine!!  I even promise not to make the Tardis sound during church.   


Carrie Nation said...

The moment my sister announces a pregnancy, I will place an order. I definitely need the Star Wars ones. Because as young as I may appear according to the date on my driver's license, my brother raised me and my sister on original action figures (including an eewok village, my favorite) and the movies over and over again to our delight. And books too, I remember.

Carrie Nation said...

that wasn't very clear, I know the ones pictured here are Dr. Who puppets. My sister's a HUGE fan. Hence the previous comment, which was then followed by my irrelevant ramble about Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

when charlie and olivia were born, abby and i took a santa claus finger puppet and a snowman finger puppet to the NICU to entertain them.

problem was, we never remembered to take the finger puppets out of our purses!


(better yet, don't put them there in the first place.)

Jen said...

Who on earth would WANT to remove Dr Who finger puppets from their purse?? They're so useful in so many situations!

Anonymous said...

jen, what i meant to say is that we forgot to take them out of our purse and USE them! we just left them in there, forgotten and untouched!

sorry i wasn't clear about that.

Emilia said...

If I owned these, I would both carry them with me at all times, AND remember to take them out of my purse.

In fact, Nancy, I think you could probably distract the Bobs of the world with finger puppets. You may be able to render him speechless if next time you whip out your Santa finger puppet to argue with him in a very jolly voice. (I have a lovely image in my head of this.)

Jen. You need them, too. We need matching sets. I'm really not sure I could behave well with the Dalek one, though. And the Doctor...I know it was CE in that episode and I love CE, but I might be a little tempted to pretend it's DT every now and then just so I can say, "What?! WhAT?! WHAT?!"

waif said...

I want to see cybermen!