Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shaving Accident

Caleb has been crying a lot lately.  Over every little thing.  When he got sick last week, I figured that would be it.  He'd be done.  But apparently, he was sort of a fan of his regression and has kept up the constant crying over everything and nothing.

So, it's possible that when I heard him crying last night when  he was supposed to be upstairs brushing his teeth, that I wasn't quite as sympathetic as I should have been.  I did not jump as soon as he started crying, anyway.

But when I heard the word "blood" I started moving FAST!  He was standing at the sink, with a bloody tissue over his upper lip.  He was crying too hard to explain, but then I realized what had happened.

Caleb had spotted J's razor and decided to try shaving.  I didn't really have to say anything other than "Have you learned a lesson?" 

Caleb responded with a weepy, "YES!!" and then a wimpery "Can I have a band-aid?"

I will admit that the band-aid placement was exceedingly cute, and I was a little sad when he took it off this morning.

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Carrie Nation said...

I can picture it. I suppose the blood part kept you from laughing, but in the telling of it, it's hilarious.