Monday, March 2, 2009

Musical Monday

Okay, the play "The Producers" is so amazingly politically incorrect there just aren't words to adequately apologize to everyone.

That being said, Todd and I saw this play when it was still in previews on Broadway. We went home and told everyone we knew to buy tickets immediately, since as soon as it opened it was going to be sold out for a year at least. And the following week that is exactly what happened.

The best part about this show was that (besides getting Nathan Lane to sign my program and seeing Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker, who were all very nice, at the Stage Door after the show) was that EVERYONE in the entire theater laughed through the whole show! I'd never been to a show like that, nor have I been to one since.

So here is the play within a play, "Springtime for Hitler": (for all you Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, that's a blond Capt. Jack Harkness as the soloist Nazi)

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Valerie said...

Such a funny musical but I have to remind myself that not all Mormons would think it is as hilariously brilliant as I do :)