Monday, March 30, 2009

The Mawl

In NJ, we have malls. We pronounce them "mawls". We also have NO SALES TAX ON CLOTHING!!!! I was very sad to move away from that. Granted, the thousands of dollars we save each year in property and state taxes compensate nicely for it.

Still, it bugs me to pay tax on clothes because I never had to.

After my Uncle's funeral once all of the relatives dispersed and went their seperate ways, Elysa and I decided that we needed to be true to our inner Jersey girls and headed to the mall to take advantage of the tax free clothing.

I called my friend, Heather the Awesome, to check up on my boys who she was coralling after school. HTA is from Philadelphia, so she gets the whole Jersey thing.

Our conversation:

Me: Heather, like any self-respecting Jersey girl, I am currently at the mawl.
Heather: Oh good. Did you tease your bangs so they stand five straight inches off of your forehead.
Me: Um, no. But (as I glance in the mirror) now that you mention it, my hair is way bigger today than usual.

It's good to know that my hair remembers what to do when at the mawl.


The Bowmans said...

"mawl hair" - gotta love it. since i always keep my hair short, i never had the pleasure of "mawl hair." the way i look at it, that got me out of the house at least a half hour earlier than the rest of you girls (and got me to the sales that much faster, too). :)

The Bowmans said...

oops, this is nancy posting, not the bowmans.

dang, i ALWAYS forget to sign out/sign in when i'm here!

Jenn said...

I'd buy you the clothes here, but the shipping costs would probably not clear the tax costs in Ohio...