Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Caleb's World

Caleb is sweet and adorable. He really is. Except when he's being kinda creepy. I wasn't sure which category to put this in:

The other day we were driving along and Nathaniel was upset and crying over something. As if to have the final word and get Nathaniel to hush, an exasperated Caleb said, "Jesus never cried, Nathaniel. Well, except when he was getting on the cross. Because nails really hurt your skin."

I waited until the next day to talk to him about other times that Jesus cried, because I was pretty sure if I tried to do it then I would laugh.

Another evening we were driving home from dance class and took the right side of a "Y" in the road. Nathaniel was very concerned that we weren't taking the same arm of the "Y" that we'd come in on and kept asking me why we were going that way. I explained several times that we were going on the correct road for the direction we were travelling. Caleb finally got tired of all our talking on the subject and said, "Nathaniel, GOD wants us to go this way! So we are!"

I've always thought it was a cheap way out of an argument to invoke God, but it was pretty funny from the mouth of a four year old. And, frankly, it did make Nathaniel stop talking, so perhaps it's not all bad.

Although, this could be where the whole men/asking for directions thing begins...

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