Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Pi Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and celebratory Pi Day! We sure did. We had our friends, the Gibby family, over for lunch which consisted of quiche, pizza, cucumbers, and pot pies. Followed by wonderful apple pie, strawberry rubharb pie, and Boson Cream Pie. Also, several of our children now have memorized 3.14159, and Nathaniel has 3.1415926. J thinks we're all a bunch of weirdos and was very happy to go get ready for a Stake Youth Dance instead of memorizing Pi.
I can deal with that kind of rebellion.
And how did you celebrate?

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Carrie Nation said...

I forgot to celebrate Pi day. We had a math friend (PhD student) at BaYoU who used to cover that holiday with dozens of pies at her apartment. Last year I think we had pizza. This year I completely forgot. I also forgot to celebrate the Ides of March. Not that one really celebrates that, but you know.