Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plane Flier Guy

Caleb: Mom.  Look at me!  I am one of those plane flier guys!

Me:  An Aviator?

Caleb:  No!  A plane flier guy!  See!  See my goggles and my scarf?!  I fly old planes!  I am a plane flier guy!

Me:  Old Plane Flier Guys are also called aviators.  Or pilots.

Caleb: Oh.  Yeah.  I'm that.

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Jenn said...

That's similar to my conversation with Jacob the other morning. He said he wanted to be a police-car-man, or a fire-truck-man, or an ambulance-man, or a tow-truck-man. I told him the safest was probably the ambulance driver, b/c the policeman has to carry a gun, and a fireman fights fires, and well, how much can a tow truck driver really make? So I thought if I pushed for the ambulance man, he might go a step further into the medical field.... anyway - he says - "Nah, too much blood." I think I'll just be a snow man.. I laughed so hard... and when I calmed down, I asked, "A snow man?" He answered, "Well, a snow-plow man..." ahh, the difference... just a giggle for your day!