Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging Mom Fail

This was a fabulous weekend for my kids.

J was absolutely fantastic in his school's production of Hello Dolly! He really has an amazing presence on stage and puts himself entirely into it. I was very proud to point him out to people who said, "And who are you here to see?"

See the fabulous one? Yeah. He's mine.

Then, there was the Primary Children's Talent Show. Which was awesome. 30 kids performed. Each performance was roughly 30 seconds long. And there were cookies. Seriously, it doesn't get better than that.

Adults, take note. This is how a talent show should be run.

Nathaniel played "Merrily We Roll Along" on the piano. (The traditional version, not the Sondheim version. Which I love.)

Then he and Benjamin did a skit inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. It was great and well received by the audience. Mostly because it wasn't another piano solo. Even at 30 seconds each, they get a little monotonous.

Guess how many pictures I took of these events!!!

None. Niete. Zilch. Zero.

I even had my camera with me.

You may need to revoke my "Mothers Who Blog" card.

I'll try to be better next time, though. Really. I will.

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