Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a Boy Needs

We Smiths were out to dinner last night with Heather, the awesome, and kids when it came up in conversation that J had never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  

All three adults were shocked and horrified and insisted that he must watch it immediately.

Which led me to think, what are other "rite of passage" type films/experiences that one must go through?

He can already quote all the creations of Joss Whedon, so that's okay.  He's got the Star Wars thing totally down.  So he's good there, too.

He's never done Rocky Horror Picture Show...but that could probably wait until college if no opportunity presents itself before then.

What else?  


Anne Marie said...

Definitely "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Perhaps you could skip out on getting the sequel, "Bogus Journey" which quite frankly didn't compare (although as 14-year-olds, I'm sure we still enjoyed it). And, then "Better Off Dead" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Last, but not least, "Princess Bride".

Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

I have "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" because I am that smitten with it. I will still occasionally break into song from it. I am sure you can relate, if not to the movie, the breaking into song part.

He is welcome to borrow it at any time, but he really should get the full experience in a midnight showing. I was 16 when my parents let me go. They went with me which was a little uncomfortable as my boyfriend at the time was Dr. Frankenfurter. None of us were fully prepared to see him strutting down the aisle in a black teddy.
Ahh, memories....

Emilia said...

Anne Marie!! Awesome suggestions! Loved Bill and Ted. Bogus journey was completely bogus. There will be none of that.

Heather-I will be sitting in the front row with a gigantic bucket of popcorn on the opening night of the movie version of your life.

Esther said...

In our home some of the favorites are:
Jason and the Argonauts
Clash of the Titans
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
The Voyage of Sinbad
The Thief of Bagdhad
Raising Arizona
The Goonies
Hope that helps! I'm glad he's there and he's yours (almost)!