Monday, January 19, 2009

Musical Monday

I am, as a rule, against medleys. When I was selecting music as a choir teacher the songs with the word "medley" in the title immediately went into the NO pile. This is an exception, possibly because it's not trying to stand on it's own. It's all the best lines about love and flows with the story line. It is also my husband's favorite.


The Bowmans said...

I love this one! I am totally with you one the medley thing, but this is different from standing on a stage in a large group of people singing a medley of sitcom theme songs or something. I remember doing that once. and there were commercial jingles intermixed. Cute for 5 year olds I guess, but I was in middle school!

Trish said...

Eldon and I have this whole thing memorized and often catch ourselves after hearing a phrase from it in any situation breaking out into song to finish the medley. It is wonderful.