Friday, January 16, 2009

More of us

It was negative temperatures here today. But the sun was out!

I am freezing, but the laptop is keeping me warm, so rather than put it down and do something productive, I will continue with the story of us.

I flew back to NJ after my weekend at BYU and got right back into life, which mostly involved lots of singing and lots of boys. Todd and I continued exchanging a few letters and then I got all caught up in the fact that my family was moving out to WY and I had decided to stay in NJ for college.

I'd dated and broken up with two or three guys that school year, with never more than a week or two in between. I had figured out how dating worked. Long gone were my nervous and shy days around a potential boyfriend. Summer began and I had my sights set on yet another boy, and went off to college the following fall still thinking about him.

Being the loyal creature that I am, about a week into college I tumbled head over heels in love with someone completely different. A dear friend of mine was leaving on a mission for our church, so I was busy writing and receiving letters from him while he was at the Missionary Training Center learning how to speak Spanish. In one of his letters he mentioned that Todd Smith was also there learning Portuguese so he could go to Brasil for two years. I was a little surprised at the news, but thought it was great and immediately thought about how I should write to Todd. All missionaries love letters!

I got busy with school and my boyfriend and my social life, and sort of forgot about it until one day I received a letter from Todd Smith in my mailbox! I was very excited to get it and immediately set out to write a reply. I did, but then when I went to put the address on it, I realized that he'd given me his old home address instead of the mission address. Which was silly. So, I set the letter aside, feeling slightly perturbed at Todd for getting in the way of my good deed for him.

The letter sat there for two years.

To make it worse, he sent me a few more letters. But none with his address included.

I promise that I did try to get his address. But that's a story for tomorrow.

I was so amazingly awful to him. It still shocks me to think about it. I guess there are good things about boys being slightly oblivious. ;)

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Anne Marie said...

So glad that Todd didn't give up!