Monday, December 8, 2008


We are going to pause in our regular programming of me posting my embarrassing journal entries written about Todd. But here's a silly picture of him:

In case you aren't sure how the story ends, Todd and I were married almost ten years ago on December 23. We are never letting our kids do anything that silly. Christmas is a terrible time to have an anniversary! Some years we barely acknowledge it, but we decided that every five years we'd do something "real".

I should mention that we have weather issues. The day we were married there was a big ice storm. It took people who attended the wedding ceremony nine hours (instead of the typical 3.5 hours) to get home from Washington D.C. to NJ.

On our fifth anniversary we had a wonderful weekend in NYC. The first night it was so freezing cold that we ventured outside our hotel only long enough to get bagels for dinner, and then the next day it was pouring rain. We ended up going home early. I don't love the city in a monsoon.

Friday night, the awesome fabulous and wonderful fellow book group broad, Heather (and her hubby, of course), took my boys so Todd and I could run away for 24 hours. (Big shout out to HEATHER!!! Gimme an H!!...)

It was 15 degrees outside. And I planned for us to walk from our hotel to Latitude 41. Which I LOVED, btw. I definitely recommend it for a grown up evening out. They use local, seasonal ingredients and have a very small selection. But every single thing they offered was excellent! Here's us at the restuarant with our desserts:

(Mom, I didn't brush my hair before this picture was taken.)

After dinner we walked quickly and coldly back to the hotel along the mostly deserted city streets. (Everyone else was smart enough to stay inside that night.) I kept reminding my freezing husband that for as cold as he thought he was, I wasn't even wearing pants. He countered by reminding me that he has no body fat. We'll call it a draw.

Back at the hotel, I wanted a picture of the two of us. I have a ridiculously small number of pictures of the two of us together. So I handed him the camera and told him to do it because he has longer arms. Bless his humble heart, the man has no idea how to take self pics. Here's what happened:

"No, honey. Closer and more centered."

"Without being completely unflattering."

"Give me that!!!" "No!" "Give me that!!" "No! You can't have it!"

" It's mine because my arms are longer!!" "Yeah, well, I'm heavier than you are!"

Ha! I got it. But apparently I can't take pictures either.
That's better.

The next morning we woke up to lots of snow and wind and cold and slipped and slid all over the city for the rest of the day. I am just pointing this out to the people who cursed us while driving home from our wedding ten years ago. The curse stuck.

Saturday morning, after we'd chased a postal worker all over downtown Columbus (there's a story there, too) and we'd finally eaten, Todd asked me what I wanted to do. I responded that I had really wanted to wander all over the North Market and Short North areas. But the weather was uncooperative. Todd laughed and reminded me that I'd said the exact same thing in NYC five years ago.

I suppose it's good to have traditions.


Beth said...

You guys look fabulous. And Emilia, you look very skinny.

Anne Marie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! You guys look beautiful together! Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you were able to get some time together. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I totally remember going to your reception...

Carrie Nation said...

next time you should take a few days and go to San Antonio, Texas. Beautiful River Walk, good food, Mariachi music, the Alamo, neat market places, and best of all, great weather. Even in December. Just make sure you book in advance! (we went last year in December without reservations. that was stupid and a long story.)


Jenn said...

Congratulations on your ten year anniversary - that's insane... we were never going to marry - boys have cooties! I'm so glad you're happy - you look beautiful - I like the last picture bestest!

Jen said...

1. Of course you didn't brush your hair before that picture. Everybody knows your hair is just naturally shiny and curly and fabulous.

2. Are you drinking a coffee and biscotti? I think you are.

3. Your "self-pics" look like the typical college pictures. Now you must post them on facebook. All of them.

4. I challenge you to name one beautiful December 23. Weather-wise, that is. Ever.

Emilia said...

Beth, you are kind. It's all in the camera angle.

Anne Marie, at my reception you only had one little baby on your lap. Can you even remember what life was like to only have one to worry about?

CN-I look forward to the story. ;)

Jenn, aw. Thanks. Boys still have cooties. But I'm immune now, cuz they're MY boys!

JBB-1. you know all too well my hair is not naturally fabulous. how many hours did it take us to get ready?

2. I am eating ancho pepper and chocolate cream brulee with a freshly made churro. There was carbonated whipped cream to go with. There was a festive dance in my mouth with each bite.

3. Eh. I might. I don't spend so much time there these days. That's Todd's thing. Mostly so he can spend hours playing Scramble.

4. The Christmas you guys were out here was nice, weather wise. Todd and I had a lovely evening out. And then I spent that night and the next day throwing up. Cursed, I tell you.