Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday to do

So yesterday was kind of a wash for cleaning.  (haha!)  

While I didn't get even half of the things on yesterday's list done, I did have a great time playing with Caleb.  There was much giggling to be had and it made me remember why this motherhood thing is so much fun.  (I forget when I spend the day scrubbing crayon off the walls.)

I've been a work widow the past couple of nights and I don't sleep well alone.  It just doesn't occur to me to go to bed if there's no one to go with me.  So last night I listened to the presidential debate on the radio while I dismantled my dining room chairs with a screw driver to  clean out all the crumbs that have gotten in the wood.  

It was when I was running the vacuum at 11 pm that I realized I needed to stop right then.  My sister and I just last year were joking about how as kids we would wake up at midnight to the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  While I now understand my mother's motivation for vacuuming at midnight (you know it won't get crummy for at least 6 hours), I decided my kids have enough other anecdotal fodder from me and didn't need to add vacuuming at midnight to the list.

Today's list:
-Finish the dismantling, cleaning, and putting together of the rest of the dining room chairs
-polish the silver
-clean the chandalier that I don't even like, but it's dusty.  It will still be ugly when it's clean.
-The family room...yes, still.  I get sidetracked by all the books on the bookshelves...
-two loads of laundry, folded and put away

And I think that's it for today.  The weather has been too pretty and my mind too distracted to really care about all this.  


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Heather A said...

Ryan's gone right now also and I know how you feel. Even though I was living on way too little sleep yesterday, I stayed up way too late again last night. Now I will have to try extra hard to be patient with the kids today.