Monday, July 21, 2008

Blackberry Day

Today my dear friend and fellow broad took us down to her family's farm to go blackberry picking in the hills of Kentucky. The drive was gorgeous, the company even better, and the setting practically idyllic.

First of all, we were made to feel all sorts of welcome by Granny and Granny Tom who swooped us into the house and plied us with home baked goods. Peanut butter brownies to die for! Oh, and the homemade peach pie!! (From peaches picked right there!!!) I may be in love.

Filled with yummy goodness, Granny told Dee and I to go pick while she took all the kids down to the creek. For two hours, Dee and I climbed all over that hill. Did I say hill? Sheer straight up would better describe parts of it. Oi. Nevertheless, we made it through steep climbs, tons of prickers doing their job, and the incredible heat and humidity of the day. In fact, here we are in all of our hotness:

You see all that wetness on our shirts?! It's sweat! I didn't even know I could do that. I'm very excited to go to the gym tomorrow and see if I can do that again!!!

While we were sweating like that, our children were having a delightful time doing this:

And swimming, and getting wet and muddy in the creek. In short, they had a blast!

But Dee and I got these:

Because we got lots o' these:


Anne Marie said...

Sounds absolutely delightful.

Jen said...

It probably didn't help the sweat situation that you were wearing a LONG SLEEVED SHIRT.

Emilia said...

True. But it did protect my arms from the nasty prickers that have left cuts and scrapes all over my hands.

ricracsally said...

Am jealous! Wish I hadn't had family stuff to do that week!